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November 25, 2020
Wedding- Blue Gold Series

Selecting wall art is one for your clients is one of the most important aspects of redesigning their space. Art adds color, texture, and style to the room and serves as a conversation piece for guests. Choosing the right piece of art can boost your client’s satisfaction and turn a pleasant space into their favorite space. If your client is Jewish, purchasing one or two Israeli paintings for their home will please them.

On the Nechama Fine Art website, you will be able to view my vast portfolio of original Jewish paintings, semi-original giclees, and custom prints. While Nechama Fine Art does create art depicting nature and animals, their specialty is Judaica artwork. Nechama Fine Art can create a piece for your interior design job that perfectly matches the color and style of the room it will hang in.

If you are completing an interior design job for a Jewish client, selecting a spiritually meaningful painting is the icing on the cake that will send them over the moon. There are a few paintings and sets by Nechama Fine Art that are highly recommend for interior decorators. They are simplistic, elegant, and deeply meaningful for anyone of Jewish descent.

The Blue and Gold Series Set of Six

This set, painted in blue, gold, and white, depicts six of the most important events in the Torah. The Parting of the Red Sea, the Kever Rachel, and the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai are just a few of the scenes in this set.

Beis Hamikdash in Gold

Beis Hamikdash Painting

This painting offers a colorful, dream-like depiction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Although the Holy Temple no longer stands, it is still a deeply meaningful symbol for Jews.

Father and Son Learning

Nechama Father and Son Learning

Nechama Father and Son Learning

If you are designing a space for a family, they are sure to be deeply moved by this painting of a father teaching the Torah to his precious son.


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