Fine Judaica Art For Sale at Nechama Fine Art

February 5, 2021
Finding Judaica art for sale can be a challenge. Nechama Fine Art creates original and semi-original Judaic artwork for our clients. Custom prints and portraits  are also available using a variety of artistic mediums. Acrylic, gold leaf, and texture are commonly used in Nechama Fine Art’s work.

When creating Israeli paintings, Nechama Fine Art takes inspiration from Jewish culture, religious themes, and important monuments. Religious sites like the Beis Hamikdash and the Kotel are common subjects in the Judaica art for sale at Nechama Fine Art. Nechama Fine Art also draws inspiration from Jewish holidays to create Hanukah paintings, Rosh Hashanah paintings, Sukkot paintings, and much more.

At Nechama Fine Art, you will also find Jewish paintings for sale.  The Judaic paintings feature subjects including Jewish music and dance, famous rabbis, the Kotel, and abstract depictions of Jerusalem. Several important events in Jewish history feature in my Judaica art for sale, such as the Yam Suf, the Giving of the Torah, and the Kever Rachel, are also depicted in Nechama Fine Art’s Judaica paintings.

Nechama Fine Art’s goal when creating fine Jewish artwork is to convey the emotional, cultural, and historical significance of the subject. For example, in Beis Hamikdash in Gold, color is used in a strategic way to give the Holy Temple a heavenly, majestic appearance. Nechama Fine Jewish Artwork is designed to elicit emotion and provide décor for your space that is elegant and spiritually significant.

When Nechama Fine Art creates portraits, they capture the essence of the person on my canvas. Nechama Fine Art looks at their personality just as much as their physical traits. For wedding portraits of Jewish couples, Nechama Fine Art captures their joy and bestows the painting with the feeling that is as moving and emotional as the wedding day. Nechama Fine Art has also painted portraits of several rabbis including Reb Shayela, Chofetz Chaim, and Rav Eliyashev.


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