Guide to Buying Jerusalem Paintings

October 5, 2020
White Kotel- Blue Gold Series
If you want to purchase a Jerusalem painting from Nechama Fine Art, there are a few steps you must take to ensure you select the right pieces.
Whether you are selecting an Israeli painting for your own home or for someone else’s, understanding the type of painting, the subject of the painting, and the meaning of the painting can help you appreciate the artwork that will hang in your home.

Narrow Down Your Color Scheme

If you are in the process of decorating your home, fine Israeli artwork can help tie the colors in the room together. The best part about Nechama Fine Artwork is that you will be able to find the same subjects available in a wide range of color schemes.
You can choose your artwork and decorate the room around it, or you can curate a piece that fits a pre-decorated room.

Select a Subject That Speaks to You

The beauty of Jewish art is that there are so many important people, places, and events that can be portrayed in so many ways. Whether you want to hang a majestic depiction of the Holy Temple or an abstract rendition of the Kotel, you will find what you are looking for on the Nechama Fine Art website. Nechama Fine Art also creates holiday paintings with subjects like the menorah, the shofar, the lulav and etrog, and the Tashlich ceremony.

Understand the Meaning of the Jerusalem Painting

Both Jews and non-Jews can enjoy and appreciate Nechama Fine Artwork, but it is important that you understand the unique meaning behind the painting you are purchasing.
For example, Nechama Fine Art has several Kotel paintings available, however, they each offer a different meaning and elicit different emotions. Take care to choose a painting that captures the emotions and thoughts you want to have every time you look at the painting.


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