How to Hang a Canvas Painting Without a Frame

December 10, 2020
Har Sinai- Blue and Gold Series
If you have received a Nechama Fine Art portrait as a gift, or if the Judaic painting you commissioned has just arrived, you may be wondering, how to hang you canvas painting without a frame.
Not all artwork looks best in a frame, and you may find that hanging a canvas without a frame better suits your decorative taste. If that’s the case, here are three ways you can hang your Nechama Fine Art paintings without a frame.

Use Nails To Hang A Canvas Painting Without a Frame

Hanging up your Jewish artwork is as easy as driving a few nails in the wall.
If the canvas is stretched over a wood frame, all you need to do is place a level row of nails or tacks into the wall that the canvas can hang on. Be sure to use enough nails to hold the weight of the painting.

Attach a Wire Hanger

If your canvas painting without a frame is painted on a flat canvas, or if the wood framing is too thin to hang on a nail, you can attach a wire hanger to the back of it to hang it.
This can be done using eye screws if there is any wood framing to screw them into.
If there is no framing, you can use glue or tape to attach the wire to the canvas. Simply cut a piece of metal wire long enough to create a loop on the back of the canvas and attach it with the screws on both sides.

Display A Canvas Painting Without a Frame on a Decorative Easel

One of the most elegant ways to display a canvas painting without a frame is to use a decorative easel.
Decorative easels come in all sizes, styles, and colors, so you can select one that fits perfectly with the painting and your home decor.
If you don’t want to purchase an easel, you can lean your painting against the wall.


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