Nechama Fine Art Process Creating an Original Painting

January 5, 2021

If you have looked at Nechama Fine Art’s website, you may be wondering about the process of creating an original painting.

Every artist has their own unique process for creating their work, and Nechama Fine Art creates Judaic paintings by drawing inspiration from a variety of sources. Whether Nechama Fine Art is working on a commission for a client or painting an original piece to sell on the website, it is a similar process to create these stunning works.

Where Does Nechama Fine Art Start When Creating an Original Painting

When it comes to creating Jewish artwork, there is always a source of inspiration. The Torah, Jewish history, and Jewish holidays are the most common sources of inspiration for my artwork. Nechama Fine Art also centers pieces around Jerusalem, the Kotel, and the Holy Temple.

Jewish religion and culture are steeped in symbolism and spiritual meaning, so it’s easy to interpret events, people, and monuments through an artistic lens. Once Nechama Fine Art has  a subject, it is analyzed from every angle.

Analyzing the Subject When Creating an Original Painting

People, places, and events all carry their own history, personalities, meanings, and energies. When Nechama Fine Art create Judaic artwork, it is our job to convey these aspects through the painting.

For example, the Splitting of the Red Sea was one of the most dramatic miracles performed by God through the prophet Moses. In the Blue and Gold Series, the divine nature of this event is captured through the use of color.

Using certain mediums and techniques anchor the emotions in the art when creating an original painting. Although Nechama Fine Art has painted some subjects several times, each rendition brings a fresh perspective.

For example, the Western Wall has somber and joyous feelings attached to it, so Nechama Fine Art have created paintings of it that express both sides.


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