A Walk through the Old City (SOLD)

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When you look at this painting, you will feel like you can step right into the painting onto the streets of old city Jerusalem! The texture in this painting makes it come alive. The texture of the stones makes them feel real when you look at them.

Acrylic, Texture, pallet knife on canvas.

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About This Painting

Bright pink, yellow, and blue tones convey the wonder and enchanting feel of Jerusalem’s Old City. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is home to many religious monuments. The Temple Mount and the Western Wall reside in the Old City, and they hold deep spiritual significance for Jews. In this vibrant painting, three young Jewish boys are walking down a set of steps as the flag of Israel hangs in the background. Although no religious sites are depicted in this picture of the Old City, the painting brings forward feelings of joy and connection to God. Those who wander the streets of the Old City say that you can feel God’s presence all around you as you walk.