Feel the Energy (SOLD)

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When painting happy painting, Nechama Fine Arts wants the viewer to be able to feel that joy when they look at it. In this painting, the colors and expressions on the men’s movement let you experience their joy.

Acrylic, Pallet Knife on canvas.

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About This Painting

True to its name, one truly can feel the energy coming from this painting. Joy and excitement radiate from the piece as the hues of the rainbow dress the dancing men. They sing and dance in swirls of color, and one can almost hear the music they are dancing to as you observe the scene. Dancing is a way of expressing joy. Jews dance to express joy about God, marriages, and holidays. It is therapeutic and good for the soul. In this painting, the colorfully dressed men are doing the Yemenite Step, a dance that is performed by hopping in place. The Yemenite Step and the hora dance are common at Jewish weddings.