Kever Rachel- Blue Gold Series

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This set of paintings are neutral colored Judaic scenes that could go in any room. This set of paintings is neutral, yet vibrant. You can hang just one of these paintings, hang a few of them together, or hang them all! Each painting is a complimentary part of the set, but also a stand alone work of art. The textures and gold leaf in these painting are truly magnificent!

Acrylic, Texture, Gold Leaf, Pallet Knife on canvas.

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About This Painting

Rachel is a source of comfort for all Jews. Her sacrifices and motherly nature draw people to her grave to pray for security and love. Women who struggle to bear children also turn to Rachel for hope, as she waited for many years before conceiving a child. Rachel is the Jewish mother who sacrificed her own happiness for her sister and her children.

She gave up her place next to Jacob in life and death for the benefit of everyone else. With her ability to foresee the future, Rachel knew that her ancestors would travel on the road past her grave and pray there. Hearing her children’s pleas, she begged God to help them. Because of her sacrifices, God showed mercy on her children even though they had sinned. In this painting by Nechama Fine Art, you can experience the vision of Rachel, guiding her children throughout the ages.