Kotel at Night (SOLD)

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No matter if its night or day, the Kotel is bursting with light and people, praying at the holy sight. This painting depicts one such bustling scene at the Kotel.

Acrylic, Gold Leaf, texture, Pallet Knife on canvas board.

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About This Painting

Kotel at Night has a mystical feel that captures the divine presence that surrounds the Kotel and the entire city of Jerusalem. In this painting, we see the Western Wall lit up against the deep blue night sky. In comparison to the people praying at the bottom, the Kotel seems immense. The Kotel is significant because it is the last standing piece of the Bais Hamikdash – Holy Temple, but it is also an important symbol for the Jewish nation. The Kotel reminds us that although the enemies of G-d’s people may be able to destroy physical temples, they can never extract the faith from our hearts when we trust our mighty G-d. The Kotel is a symbol of the strength and unity of the Jewish nation and their withstanding commitment to G-d in even the most trying times.