Miriam Hanavia (SOLD)

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Acrylic, pallet knife on canvas.

This painting sold however it can be recreated. Colors may be slightly different then pictured. For different sizes or colors, please contact me.

It takes 4-6 weeks to create an original painting.


For questions, custom sizes, or for custom art and inquires, please email us, or visit @Nechamafineart on Instagram to view more artwork by Nechama.



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About This Painting

Miriam Hanavia depicts the prophetess dressed in a blue headscarf, playing her timbrel in front of a bright pink backdrop. When Miriam was very young, she foretold that her mother would give birth to Moses and that he would be the one to free them from the Egyptians. Miriam and her mother were midwives under the harsh rule of King Pharaoh who ordered them to kill all Jewish baby boys. However, they did not follow his commands, and Miriam helped her mother save them. When her mother gave birth to Moses, he was placed into the basket and sent down the river. Miriam knew that he would be saved. Moses was adopted by the King’s daughter and went on to lead the Jews away from the Egyptians just as Miriam had foretold.