Modern Dance

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When painting a happy painting, Nechama Fine Art wants the viewer to be able to feel that joy when they look at it. In this painting, the contrasting colors and the figures let you feel the joy of dancing. This magnificent painting is modern and abstract.

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Gold Leaf on Canvas.

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About This Painting

Modern Dance is a perfect combination of elegant and vibrant. The gold and black color scheme is chic enough to hang in an upscale space, yet the vibe emitted from the painting is nothing short of lively. Each member of the band is playing their instrument with passion, and you can almost hear the tune as you study the painting. Music and dance are an important part of Jewish religious and secular traditions. Weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other celebrations feature music and dance as a way to express emotions. Jewish weddings are famously known for the chair dance which involves lively music and dancing that can last an hour or more. In Modern Dance Nechama Fine Art reminds the viewer of the central role that music and dance play in Jewish traditions and ceremonies and brings happiness to the place in which it is displayed.