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Acrylic on canvas.

This painting is exclusively available as an Original Painting. Reproductions or prints will NOT be available.

For questions, custom sizes, or for custom art and inquires, please email us, or visit @Nechamafineart on Instagram to view more artwork by Nechama.



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About This Painting

Spring symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, and peace. This dreamy springtime painting makes an excellent decorative piece, and it also reminds you that every day is a new day. If you are looking for fresh ideas or daily inspiration, this depiction of a flowering tree in a verdant field can be your visual source of creativity. Like the spring, we can be fruitful and prosperous when we start each day with a positive mindset. You can have peace and happiness in your life, and this painting symbolizes those feelings. Hang this painting in any place you need to be creative and look at it to boost your happiness when you are feeling sad or worried. In today’s modern world, many of us don’t get to spend enough time in nature. If you are stuck inside a lot for work, hanging this painting by Nechama Fine Art in your office can help you reap the mood-boosting benefits of spending time outdoors.


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