White Kotel- Blue Gold Series

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The Kotel, also known as the Western Wall, is an ancient remnant of the Holy Temple that was destroyed thousands of years ago. The Kotel is a place where Jews and non-Jews go to pray and immerse themselves in the divine presence that can be felt there. It is customary for visitors to write down their prayers on paper and place them in the cracks in the Wall.

Acrylic, Texture, Gold Leaf, Pallet Knife on canvas.

This painting is exclusively available as an Original Painting. Reproductions or prints will NOT be available.

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About This Painting

The Kotel is the last piece that remains of the second Holy Temple in Jerusalem. For Jews all over the world, the Kotel is the holiest place there is. Under Jewish law, entry to the Temple Mount is restricted, so praying at the Kotel is the closest one can get to the place where the Holy Temple once stood. For this reason, many Jews feel called to travel to the Kotel at least once in their life. The Western Wall sees millions of visitors each year, and it has been deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Western Wall is interesting because it symbolizes both the hardships in Jewish history and the strength and might of God.