Yam Suf Paint Pour (SOLD)

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This painting is not your typical paint pour! With vivid and inviting colors, this magnificent painting is a perfect blend between abstract and Judaic art.

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Gold Leaf Pallet Knife on Canvas.

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About This Painting

This eye-catching paint pour speaks to the power that G-d has to drastically change our lives. G-d expressed his faithfulness to his children when he parted the Red Sea. This miracle allowed the people of Israel to escape their enemies, and that event serves to remind us that G-d can help us too. Although we may not see him splitting the sea anymore, he works big miracles in our lives, sometimes without a dramatic visual. This painting invites us to remember the Splitting of the Sea and to realize that God is stronger than any force in this world. When we think of Moses, we are reminded that G-d works through those who remain faithful to him, even when things seem impossible. The color and stylistic techniques in this paint pour create a remarkable visual of what it was like to be there the day G-d split the Red Sea.