Yemin Moshe – Dalia Collection

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Welcome to “The Streets of Israel” collection!

My name is Dalia and I have been dreaming of creating this collection for the longest time. Nechama has brought this collection to life in a way that captures Israel’s entire essence. The thought, love, and detail that  Nechama put into painting these masterpieces, have the ability to reach every corner of your soul.

Yemin Moshe

It was the steps or the windmill. We went with the the endless steps that weave through the quaint beauty that is Yemin Moshe. The place is filled with character and personality every which way you turn, and this shot looking up at the steps surrounded by the gorgeous greenery just summed up all the times I would walk the trails to clear my mind while watching everyone and their brother mid-photoshoot.

ROLLED PRINTS are high quality creations on Canvas that can be framed in glass or stretched and mounted on a wooden bar. To create a Print, an Original painting is professionally scanned to recreate the clarity of each brush stroke. To hang the print without a glass, we add a 3-inch white border to your print. You can then bring your print to your local framer, and have it stretched and mounted on a wooden stretcher bar with wrapped edges. It can then be hung as is, or framed.

STRETCHED AND MOUNTED CANVAS PRINTS: Stretched canvases are constructed around a  hardwood frame, and are easy to hang with pre-installed hardware and a hanging kit. It can either be hung as is, or framed.

SEMI ORIGINAL GICLÉE is a reproduction on mounted and stretched canvas with wrapped edges. The entire canvas is then painted over, recreating the look of an original painting with brush strokes and texture. Much time and effort goes into creating each semi original to turn it into a masterpiece. Semi Originals can either be hung as is, or framed. Includes pre-installed hardware and a hanging kit.

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For questions, custom sizes, or for custom art and inquires, please email us, or visit @Nechamafineart on Instagram to view more artwork by Nechama.

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About This Painting

The goal of “The Streets of Israel” is to transport us back into Israel, as each and every scene touches on our memories of our time there. As a result, it brings a piece of Israel into our homes. My husband and I had the Zechus of living in Eretz Yisrael for almost 4 years before we had to move back to Dallas, Texas. We were forced to move back during the peak of the pandemic, and it was not something we wanted to do. Once we got to America, we had this intense longing to return; yet it was more than the average longing that one has towards their homeland. There was an intensity, almost as if there was a lack of closure because we had to leave so suddenly. This feeling didn’t go away, and nothing seemed to soothe it – until we thought “if we can’t go back to Israel, how about we bring Israel back to us?” And that, my friend, is how this collection was created – out of a strong longing of bringing Israel to life by making paintings so realistic, vibrant, and memorable that you could almost step into the picture.

This collection has been a project in the making since August of 2021 (just over 7 months) and we are so beyond excited to finally share this with you!

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our 9 gorgeous paintings, all of which can be purchased together or separately, and are completely customizable in terms of sizing and budget (think prints versus semi-originals). I hope you get to experience the magic that is “The Streets of Israel.”

Lots of love,

Dalia Oziel


Don’t see the size that you need? We can customize sizes to fit your space.

For questions, to order a custom size, or for custom art and inquires, please contact us, or visit @Nechamafineart on Instagram to view more artwork by Nechama.

Please allow 4-5 weeks production time for a Semi Original Giclée.

Any sizes LARGER than 32×48 will ship taken off the stretcher bar and rolled in a tube or can be picked up in Jackson NJ.


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