Three Things I Love About This Beis Hamikdash Painting

December 20, 2020
Bais Hamikdash in Gold
This Beis Hamikdash painting is a favorite piece of Jewish artwork for sale at Nechama Fine Art.
This Israeli painting colorfully depicts the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, one of the most important symbols of the Jewish nation. There are three main aspects of this Beis Hamikdash painting that make it a favorite.

The Beis Hamikdash Painting’s Use of Color

The use of color in this Beis Hamikdash painting creates a majestic, otherworldly energy.
The blue and violet hues at the top of the picture are reminiscent of the stars, and the white dots of paint help create a galactic look. Under the temple, bright bursts of yellow give it a glowing appearance that solidifies the notion that the Holy Temple is suspended in the heavens.

Its Deep Spiritual Symbolism

The Beis Hamikdash is one of the most important places in Jewish culture even though it no longer exists. The Holy Temple was the center of life in Jerusalem, and it housed the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. This painting offers a stunning depiction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The Style Of This Beis Hamikdash Painting

In this Beis Hamikdash painting, the positioning of the Holy Temple makes it appear as if it is floating on a heavenly cloud.

This stylistic choice speaks to the fact that the Holy Temple no longer exists in the physical realm, but God has placed a temple in the heart of every Jew. The Holy Temple is in the exact center of the painting, reminding us to place God at the center of everything.

This Judaic painting captures the mystery and wonder of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. When Nechama Fine Art creates Israeli paintings, the painting brings together emotions elicited by the subject to create powerful piece that has beauty and meaning.


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