What is a Semi Original Giclee?

February 5, 2021

Nechama Fine Art offers a vast selection of Israeli semi- original giclée prints.

Scenes from the Torah, important Jewish figures, and spiritual monuments like the Kotel are common subjects in Nechama Fine Art’s work.

What is a Semi-Original Giclée?

SEMI ORIGINAL GICLÉE is a reproduction on mounted and stretched canvas with wrapped edges. The entire canvas is then painted over, recreating the look of an original painting with brush strokes and texture. Much time and effort goes into creating each semi- original giclée to make it into a masterpiece. It can either be hung as is, or framed.

Semi- original Giclée’s are special because the colors and material used to create them are designed to last a long time. Nechama Fine Art’s Jewish semi- original giclée’s are resistant to fading and discoloration. Giclée’s are the closest you can get to the look of the original piece, making them an excellent option if you fall in love with a piece that has already been sold.

Are You Looking For Semi-Original Judaic Giclée’s?

If you want to bring meaningful, spiritual Jewish artwork into your home, the semi- original giclée’s from Nechama Fine Art are vibrant and high-quality. These semi- original giclée’s feature important scenes and symbols from Jewish culture and history.

The Best Israeli Giclée’s for Your Home

A Walk Through the Old City

Nechama A Walk through the Old City
This colorful semi- original giclée captures the majestic nature of Jerusalem with eye-catching colors that will brighten up your space.

Beis Hamikdash in Gold

Beis Hamikdash Painting
The Holy Temple is one of the most important symbols of the Jewish faith. This painting portrays the temple floating on a cloud of color, seemingly suspended in the night sky among the stars.

Gold Kotel

Nechama Gold Kotel

This depiction of the Western Wall in Jerusalem feels elegant and clean. You can feel the divinity that surrounds the Kotel when you look at this Jewish semi- original giclée.


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