What Is Abstract Jewish Art?

November 25, 2020
Abstract Yerushalayim in Blue and Gold
Abstract art does not seek to recreate a precise visual representation of the subject. When Nechama Fine Art creates abstract Jewish art, the goal is to convey the meaning and emotions of the subject through color, shape, and form, while leaving some of the interpretation up to the viewer.
Jewish culture is filled with hidden meanings and symbolism, so creating abstract artwork of popular Jewish trademarks is deeply satisfying.

The Beauty Of Abstract Jewish Art

Abstract art can add interest to spaces that feel too stuffy and give guests something to talk about when they visit your home. Using intuition and emotional guidance, Nechama Fine Art creates abstract artwork that offering a unique interpretation of people, places, and events in Jewish history.

One of Nechama Fine Art’s best abstract Judaica paintings is Yerushalayim in Blue and Gold. While some concrete outlines of the city’s buildings can be made out, the painting is mostly comprised of splotches of gold, purple, and deep blue that echo Jerusalem’s majestic energy.

This painting is an excellent example of how abstract Jewish art can be just as meaningful and beautiful as realistic artwork.

Interpreting Abstract Jewish Art

While some abstract art can be difficult to interpret, you will find abstract Jewish artwork to be more meaningful if you know the story behind the painting. Understanding the significance of the Kotel or the history of the Holy Temple can make it easier to appreciate the way the colors, lines, and shapes tell the story.

While realistic art has its place, abstract art really speaks to the symbolism seen in the Torah and the mystical nature of Jerusalem. Interpreting the Torah requires you to read between the lines to determine its meaning, as does abstract art.

Abstract Jewish art reminds us of God’s mysterious ways and his ability to work miracles out of seemingly impossible circumstances.


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