How can I view the artwork?

In addition to Nechama Fine Art’s online store, you can view artwork in the gallery located in Jackson NJ. By appointment only. Please email us to set up an appointment. New artwork is constantly updated for you to view in the online store, and on Instagram @Nechamafineart.

Do you offer custom commissioned paintings?

Yes! Please send an email for more info. Nechama Fine Art can customize size, colors, texture, and style.

How long does it take to receive my artwork?

Depends on what kind of artwork you would like. Prints generally take about 2 weeks, and add ons, such as gold leaf, varnish, and paint can add another 1-2 weeks. Semi Originals take about 4 weeks to create. Originals are 4-6 weeks. 

To frame or not to frame?

If you can, Nechama Fine Art always recommend to frame. It adds a lot to the artwork and elevates the beauty of the painting to a new level. The type of frame, style, color, thickness – these preferences are unique to each client, depending on what type of look you are trying to achieve. The good news is that you don’t have to make these decisions alone. Nechama Fine Art can walk you through the whole process, whether you are having it framed through us or on your own.

Do you offer custom Framing?

Yes, Nechama Fine Art works with a framer for local pickup. Our framer also offers installation for your artwork. 

How can I hang my painting without a frame?

To hang your art work without a frame, there are a few options. Originals, Semi Originals and Stretched &  Mounted prints come ready to hang with pre installed hanging hardware. They do not need to be framed. However Nechama Fine Art recommends framing as it brings out the beauty in the artwork.

Rolled prints can be hung without a frame by adding a 3 inch white border the the print. You can then bring your print to your local framer to have it stretched and mounted on a wooden bar. You can then frame without a glass or hang as it. Rolled prints need to be framed in glass.

What is the cost to ship artwork?

Free Shipping on Originals, Semi-Originals, and Custom Prints.

Where do you ship to?

Nechama Fine Art ships anywhere in the United States, Israel, Europe, Canada. For other locations, please contact us. 

I represent a news source. Can I contact you for press inquiries?

If you would like to set up an interview to hear more about Nechama Fine Art’s artwork, we would love to talk to you and share the art’s journey and inspiration! Please contact us. If you would like to repost pictures on Instagram, please request permission first, and be sure to tag @Nechamafineart.

How will my artwork arrive?

Rolled Prints arrive rolled in a tube ready to be stretched on wooden stretcher bars or framed. Most other art orders arrive pre-stretched on a wooden bar. Artwork in carefully  packages and wrapped for protection.  Larger artworks that do not have texture will be taken off the stretcher bar, and we ship these rolled in a tube. You can then bring the canvas to your local framer to have it stretched and/or framed. 

How are Prints made?

Prints are a reproduction on high quality rolled canvas. The original artwork is professionally scanned to ensure the quality of each brush stroke. The texture and details of each individual brush strokes stands out on the print. We use advanced scanning and printing technologies to ensure a vibrant, striking look.

Can I order a custom sized Print?

If you’re looking for a size unique to your wall space, Nechama Fine Art can crop and adjust most prints. Please contact Nechama Fine Art with the size you are looking for.

Do you work with interior designers and decorators?

Yes! Nechama Fine Art works with interior designers for commercial and residential art décor. If you are a designer, please reach out for our special discount.

What type of artwork is right fit?

At Nechama Fine Art, we believe there is nothing like an original painting. The feeling and the texture provides an unmatched, mesmerizing experience.

 The second best to an Original is a Semi Original Giclée. A semi original is a print on stretched and mounted canvas. Then, the entire canvas is carefully painted over with brush strokes and texture so that it looks like an original painting. Because of the dedicated time Nechama fine Art puts into each semi original, no two semi originals look the same.

Prints are magnificent, and more budget friendly. There is an option to add gold leaf and varnish over your print to give it a beautiful original feel. Nechama Fine Art utilizes advanced printing and scanning technologies to ensure the highest quality look for custom prints.

How can I determine what size painting will fit my space?

Please contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you. Stay tuned for our sizing guide on our website, coming soon. 

Can you recreate a painting that is out of stock?

Most of the time, we can. Please reach out for inquiries and we’ll be happy to help.

What is the process when creating an original painting?

In Nechama’s words:

“When I create a custom painting for a client, I work closely with the client to work through their exact preference in the details, colors, style, and size.

When I am in the creative mode for a new painting, I don’t have an end result in mind. The wild, untamed beauty of creativity is an exhilirating journey, so I allow the brush to lead me.

The artwork is not necessarily complete at a specific time. At times, I’ll finish some work, and then pick up on the same painting a few days later. Other times, after some time – even a few weeks – I’ll come to realization that this painting is complete.

Art is a feeling. It’s only complete when I arrive at that feeling of completion and at the very pinnacle of beauty.”

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