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Welcome to the blog! Here, we take a deep dive into the inspiration behind my art, and some practical tips on how to use your art to beautify your home. If you have any questions, please let us know.

What is a Semi Original Giclee?

Nechama Fine Art offers a vast selection of Israeli semi- original giclée prints. Scenes from the Torah, important Jewish figures, and spiritual monuments like the Kotel are common subjects in Nechama Fine Art's work. What is a Semi-Original Giclée? SEMI ORIGINAL...

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Jewish Semi Original Paintings

Fine Judaica Art For Sale at Nechama Fine Art

Finding Judaica art for sale can be a challenge. Nechama Fine Art creates original and semi-original Judaic artwork for our clients. Custom prints and portraits  are also available using a variety of artistic mediums. Acrylic, gold leaf, and texture are commonly...

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Fine Judaica Art - Nechama Fine Art

Israeli Paintings by Nechama Fine Art

If you want to buy Judaica fine art, you will find exceptional original paintings, semi-original paintings, and custom prints available at Nechama Fine Art. Nechama Fine Art specializes in creating Jewish artwork and Israeli Paintings that are elegant, moving, and...

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Israeli Paintings - Buy Online

Beautiful Judaica Paintings You Can Buy Today Online

You can buy Beautiful Judaica Paintings including Jewish prints, Israeli paintings, and Judaica fine artwork online at Nechama Fine Art. Nechama Fine Art's online art gallery sells paintings and prints that feature Jewish holiday symbols, important events and...

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Five Things to Know When Buying Judaica Paintings

When you are buying Judaica paintings from Nechama Fine Art, there are a few things you should know to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Nechama Fine Art's Israeli paintings depict deeply spiritual, historically significant monuments and scenes from...

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Buy Judaica Paintings Online

How to Hang a Canvas Painting Without a Frame

If you have received a Nechama Fine Art portrait as a gift, or if the Judaic painting you commissioned has just arrived, you may be wondering, how to hang you canvas painting without a frame. Not all artwork looks best in a frame, and you may find that hanging a...

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Canvas Painting Without a Frame
Original Paintings - Nechama Fine Art

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