Five Things to Know When Buying Judaica Paintings

January 10, 2021
When you are buying Judaica paintings from Nechama Fine Art, there are a few things you should know to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.
Nechama Fine Art’s Israeli paintings depict deeply spiritual, historically significant monuments and scenes from the Torah. While Jewish paintings are certainly elegant and decorative, it’s also important to understand the cultural and religious significance behind each piece.

Five Things to Know Before Buying Judaica Paintings From Nechama Fine Jewish Artwork

1. The Story Behind the Piece You Are Buying

Each of Nechama Fine Art’s Judaic paintings tells an important story.
For example, the Kotel paintings offer different interpretations of the emotions and history surrounding the wall. Some of these paintings focus on the somber aspects of the Western Wall, while others highlight the positive emotions associated with praying at the Kotel.
Understanding what you are looking at will allow you to appreciate the painting for what it’s truly about and not just its aesthetic value.

2. The Difference Between Originals, Prints, and Giclees

ORIGINAL paintings are truly unparalleled. When I first enter the creative mode for a new painting, I don’t have an end result in mind. The wild, untamed beauty of creativity is an exhilirating journey, so I allow the brush to lead me. The artwork is not necessarily complete at a specific time. At times, I’ll finish some work, and then pick up on the same painting a few days later. Other times, after some time – even a few weeks – I’ll come to realization that this painting is complete. Art is a feeling. It’s only complete when I arrive at that feeling of completion and at the very pinnacle of beauty.
The original that you purchase contains all of these artistic efforts, in full beauty.
SEMI ORIGINAL GICLÉE is a reproduction on mounted and stretched canvas with wrapped edges. The entire canvas is then painted over, recreating the look of an original painting with brush strokes and texture. Much time and effort goes into creating each giclée to make it into a masterpiece. It can either be hung as is, or framed.

PRINTS are high quality creations that are rolled, un-stretched and need to be framed in glass. To create a Print, an Original painting is professionally scanned to recreate the clarity of each brush stroke.

3. How Jewish History Influences Nechama Fine Art’s Work

Jewish history has some of the most fascinating, awe-inspiring, and powerful stories.
From the Parting of the Red Sea to the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai, there are many occasions that God has revealed himself to the Jewish people. Nechama Fine Art strives to capture these events, and the emotions that are attached to them, on the canvas.

4. How Nechama Fine Art Creates Abstract Jewish Art

When creating abstract Israeli paintings, Nechana Fine Art creates an interpretation of the subject based on personal feelings.
These paintings represent joy, sorrow, power, and majesty through color and make statements with lines to create art that exudes emotion and touches the soul.

5. How Nechama Fine Art Creates Jewish Custom Portraits

When Nechama Fine Art creates portraits of Jewish rabbis, it is important to capture their personality and life’s purpose on the canvas.
Nechama Fine Art strives to honor and respect them by presenting their image in the proper light.


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