Israeli Paintings by Nechama Fine Art

January 25, 2021
If you want to buy Judaica fine art, you will find exceptional original paintings, semi-original paintings, and custom prints available at Nechama Fine Art. Nechama Fine Art specializes in creating Jewish artwork and Israeli Paintings that are elegant, moving, and emotionally focused.
Whether you are looking to purchase a Hanukkah painting or have a custom portrait done for your wedding, Nechama Fine Art can create the perfect piece for you if you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website.

Israeli Paintings Styles

Nechama Fine Art’s portfolio of fine Israeli artwork includes abstract Jerusalem paintings, paintings of the Kotel and the Holy Temple, portraits of important rabbis, and powerful depictions of important historical events like The Parting of the Red Sea.

Nechama Fine Art paintings are created with a variety of mediums including acrylic and gold leaf. Many of Nechama Fine Art’s Israeli paintings are also available as semi-original giclees.

The Subject Of Nechama Fine Art’s Israeli Paintings

Jerusalem, the Kotel, and the Holy Temple are three of the most common subjects portrayed in Nechama Fine Art’s Israeli paintings. It is a joy to paint these subjects because they lie at the heart of the Jewish nation. The city and the Jewish holy sites within it are incredibly important in Jewish culture.

Nechama Fine Art’s Jewish artwork is created to serve multiple purposes. Nechama Fine Art’s goal is to provide clients with beautiful, upscale fine artwork that they can use to decorate their homes. It’s important to express the beauty and significance of Jewish culture in a way that everyone can understand and appreciate. Nechama Fine Art’s abstract Jewish artwork allows the viewer to interpret the meaning and emotion of the painting.

Some of Nechama Fine Art’s Jewish artwork represents the holidays. Nechama Fine Art features painting of the menorah, Shabbos candles, the lulav and etrog, the shofar, and the Tashlich ritual. Each of my Jewish holiday paintings conveys the spirit of the holiday through intentional color and style choices.


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