Golden Rays -Kotel (SOLD)

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This painting evokes longing to be in Israel, together with the crowds of people swarmed at the Kotel. The heart warming colors of the painting create a mood that can’t quite be put into words. This beautiful piece brings elegance to any room.

Acrylic, Pallet Knife, Gold  Leaf, Texture on canvas.

Size 36×48

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About This Painting

Hundreds of thousands visit the Kotel in Jerusalem each year, to pray at the Kotel and honor the complex history of their ancestors. Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish nation, and the Kotel is undoubtedly the heart of Jerusalem. When you stand at the Wall, you can feel the divine pulse that beats in the hearts of the faithful. Jerusalem is considered to be one of the most mystical places on Earth, and with the Kotel in the center, there is an undeniable divine presence that permeates each crack in the wall. Israel is the home of the Jews and the Promised Land. True to its name, this painting by Nechama Fine Arts ignites a longing to return home to Jerusalem – Yerushalayim.